FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Looking for more information about the Willys Rally? Browse these Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.
Q- Weather?
A- The weather in Moab tends to be dry, not humid. The spring season can bring everything from three digit heat to heavy rains and even snow on occasion. Temperatures can vary considerably depending on elevation and location of the trails. Elevation changes from about 4000’ in town to 5000’ + at the upper elevations can mean drastic changes in temps and overall weather conditions. Be prepared for potential weather changes, perhaps several times throughout the day.

Q- Can I bring my non-Willys or modern 4x4 to the event and on trail rides?
A- This is by far the most asked question. The answer is YES!!  Our event is about the people that love Willys vehicles. Many folks attend our event and are not able to bring their Willys along because it is under construction, or they simply don't have one yet. That’s OK by us, If your a Willys fan, Your welcome! 
We do have a few requests though:
Since this event does revolve around the Willys brand, we will keep the grass "show n shine” area limited to Willys vehicles.
Any vehicle is welcome on our trail ride as well. We ask that any non Willys vehicle stay to the rear of the pack so that we can keep any photo opportunities of that illusive "Giant pack of Willys" clean and clear.


Q- Do I need 4 wheel drive?

A- This years trail is mild, and has a few options. 2WD will work, but if you have 4WD, you will likely use it.

Q- 1  Will I need to air down?

A- Only if you want to. Its not required, yet your ride will be smoother off road if you do. If you don’t often air down your tires and are not sure what your rig will do, please don’t go below 20lbs.

Q- What trail are we doing?

A- We will announce the trail at the meet and greet on Friday evening.

Q- 1 What do I need to bring for the trail ride?

A- Here’s a suggested list of what to bring on the trial ride. A boxed lunch will be provided for a lunch picnic out on the trail.
  • Drinking Water, bring plenty!
  • Sun Screen!
  • Snacks
  • A Full Tank of Gas
  • Basic Tools
  • Basic First Aid
  • Spare Tire or Plug Repair Kit
  • Functional Jack
  • Lug Wrench
  • Quality Tow Strap (No Hooks on Tow Straps)
  • Winch or Secure Anchor Points
  • Secure Battery Hold Down (No Bungee Straps)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Duct Tape
  • Jumper Cables
  • Extra Fluids for your Willys
  • CB or 2-Way Radio (If you don’t have one, please let us know. There may be extras available.)
  • A Smile on your Face!

Q- What can I expect on the trail?

A- Time to trail from the Lodge is 20-45 min. Time on trail 3-4 hours of combined bumpy graded fire roads and less maintained service roads.

Q- What are the rules on the trail?
A- Pretty basic stuff considering the ease of this years trail. Keep the car behind you in your rear view mirror so we don't lose them or break the chain. Keep a safe distance from the car ahead. Tread Lightly!  Stay on trail and pack out what you pack in. Lets stay clear and safe! No consumption of alcohol will be tolerated by ANY participant prior to, or on trail rides. 

Q- How shall I prep my vehicle?

A- Please do your best to put your Willys through its paces before bringing it to Moab. You don't want to be the guy that breaks down and slows the group. In years past we have had gas tanks fall out, chronic vapor lock, overheating and other seemingly avoidable faults.  Strap your gas tank down!  Strap your battery down! Run your vehicle before the event to shake out any bugs you might have in your basic systems. Braking, Fuel Delivery, Cooling and so on.
All that said, We know stuff happens and fully expect it and are prepared. We know we all have 50+ year old vehicles. Each group of Willys will have a Trail Boss  to lead the way and a Tail Gunner that will be responsible for helping in the case of a breakdown. The group will stay together in the case of a breakdown unless the Tail Gunner and Trail boss deem it reasonable to split up leaving the tail gunner to help and designating a new tail gunner to stay with the group. No one gets left behind. We either tow you out or help fix you on site!

Q- I’d like to stop in and see what your event is all about. Do I have to pay?

A- We want everyone to feel welcome at our event, including passersby. At some point though, that person just passing by lingers to the point of attending the event, and that’s just plain unfair to everyone else. If this might be you, please contact us before the event and feel free to ask us a ton of questions and decide if you would like to be an attendee. Its worth it I assure you! If you just plain don’t have the time to stay for a large portion of the event, we invite you to the show n’ shine portion of the event on Saturday morning at Red Cliffs Lodge.

*non attendees will not be allowed to enter the raffle, or partake in any of our meals.
If you have questions that haven’t been addressed in the FAQ above, please click here to jump to the contact page and shoot us an email. We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have about the Willys Rally.